Redefining Possible

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Redefining Ascent

George Watson

I realize that each step of the way has been a journey and I realize that this is going to be an ongoing struggle. I have no idea where I’m going to end up, but everyday the highlight is getting to do my rehab. It gives me a sense of moving forward.”

George Watson and his diving partner were on an exploratory deep lake diving mission in the Andes Mountains, performing a record dive—200 feet below surface at an altitude of 16,000 feet. There was a complication and both divers lost most of their air supply. George ascended hundreds of feet to the surface in a matter of seconds. His partner never surfaced. While surfacing, George sustained a spinal cord injury and was rescued by a small group of Quechua, the indigenous people living in the Andes. He never expected to live. When he survived, he never expected to walk again. These days, he continues to push himself upward by participating in charity stair climbs.

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The Redefining Possible portrait series takes a look at people whose lives have been affected by a traumatic event and how they are reshaping their futures and moving on. Redefining Possible features 12 portraits of people with spinal cord and brain injury. They are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brother, sisters, firefighters, army veterans, scientists, athletes, activists, but most of all they are people. Craig Hospital and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barry Gutierrez created the Redefining Possible portrait series to showcase the power of the human spirit. Sponsors include Arrow Electronics and the The Wildlife Experience at CU South Denver.

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